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You know, people are gonna get real upset about this
But honestly, there’s not that much wrong with their reaction. They were looking for a certain kind of person, and they found one who’s like that online, but not irl. That’s not different than catfishing, and you can stand up for her all you want, but its still catfishing
There’s nothing wrong with being bigger or whatever word you prefer, body positivity is a good thing. But don’t do this.



The Usual Suspects by Jason Mark

Batman villains, Joker, Penguin, Two Face, and Mr Freeze, inspired by 1920’s era mugshots

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forever reblog-two of fave things in one post(batman and 1920’s)


Mother 4 Is Right Around the Corner

I remember when the fan project was first announced, and thinking how far away Winter 2014 was at the time. It’s right around the corner now!

The massive labor of love will be available for PC, Mac and Linux for free before the year’s end. No, it’s not an official work but from the looks of it it’s as polished as anything APE would have made. Check out more info here. Check out the new trailer here. [❤]

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